Why do you think all pit bulls are dangerous? — A Wandering Pet

October is Pit bull Awareness Month

Common Pit Bulls Myths

They have a locking jaw, that once it bites down it doesn’t let go.

Here are some more Pit Bull Misconceptions

This Breed is genetically more aggressive by nature.

That could be said about other breeds as well. Isn’t every breed of dog genetically bred for something? Pit bulls have an unusual, sad, and reckless history of originally being bred to harass bulls. They were designed to bait bulls and sometimes bears into exhaustion or death. Their original purpose was to bring down animals much bigger than themselves. Fortunately in 1835 Britain Parliament ruled “bull/bear baiting” was animal cruelty. Once that became illegal, underground gamblers bred pit bulls with rat terriers. “Ratting” eventually turned into Dog Fighting. Pit bull terrier against Pit bull terrier. Were you aware Pit Bulls were used for fighting or baiting their entire existence? Maybe it’s humans that should be vilified?

A Pit Bulls can’t be trusted around people or other dogs.

But that is a wholeheartedly a misleading statement. They are extremely loyal to humans and after the whole “ratting era”, they were bred to be excellent loyal family companions and they enjoy pleasing their pet parents. Unfortunately because of their history and genetic makeup, sometimes it IS best they are the only dog in a household. They can be taught to coexist with other dogs, however, it may take some extra work and training.

Famous Working Pit Bulls

As a child, the Little Rascals was one of my favorite shows. I was intrigued to learn that Petey was a Pitty. Growing up in the 70’s-80’s I never made the connection. After more research, it is even more fascinating to me that since the 1800’s they have been bred specifically as working dog, or companionship. Like the German Shepard, they even served in the military. Read about Sgt Stubby the first Americana First War Dog from WW1. It is really fascinating to know how many of these dogs became valuable war heroes in World Wars I and II.

Have you learned more about this misunderstood breed ?

I love their muscular sleek look. Many friends of mine own these beautiful canines. I suspected my dog Ginger was at least part pit but never got confirmation. Hopefully, this has brought some new awareness of Pit Bulls, their history, and something to think about for their future. Like many breeds, it is important to research your new buddy and their likely temperament. It is easy to be swayed when nose to nose with these cuties. However, this unique breed needs extra care and concern.



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